07 Jul 12 at 12 am
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Man comes in CVS wanting to know where he could get his wife a cinnamon wash. Of course we were all like: “what the hell’s a cinnamon wash?” Then the guy calls his wife & asks us where the vagisil cinnamon wash is. Takes me a second, then I realize he means feminine wash. WHY WOULD YOU SEND YOUR OLD HUSBAND IN FOR THAT. HE CLEARLY ISN’T CAPABLE OF THAT SHIT. Nearly lost my professionalism and pissed my pants over that one. 

09 May 12 at 9 pm
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you are watching a movie, and you know this amazing character is about to die. AND YOU CAN’T STOP IT.

I should be studying for my immunology and inorganic tests tomorrow, but instead I’m perusing men’s fashion on tumblr and remembering how much I appreciate a good floral print on a man. Also, I really love color on lapels and socks and belts and a good pinstripe and a good loafer and UNF.

I’m trying this thing called a thong. I’m so used to lace covering my ass instead of being up it. REALLY not sure how I feel about this….

let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t hit on this??

25 Feb 12 at 5 pm

well, no one disagreed.

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well, no one disagreed.

What’s the deal with me today?

My emotions today =

-Father buys his little girl a pack of m&ms because they’re pink for Valentine’s, and she likes pink. INSTANT TEARS

-Older man in his precious scarf with his cane buying roses: INSTANT TEARS

-Little boy hugs his grandmother and says: “I love you!” INSTANT TEARS


-Video about a little girl with cancer getting a special Valentine from the staff that cares for her: INSTANT TEARS

-My teacher brings everyone Valentine candy: INSTANT TEARS

Conclusion = today I am insane.

Seriously, I never act like this. I don’t think it even has anything to do with Valentine’s Day other than it just happens to be Valentine’s Day. WHERE ARE THE TEARS COMING FROM????????

10 Feb 12 at 12 am
tags: snacking  food  making out  why 

Afternoon snacks would be nice if they didn’t always turn into heavy make-out sessions with cheez-its. 

24 Dec 11 at 6 am
tags: nightmare  why  jelly 

I just had a horrible nightmare, and now I am wide-eyed and my legs feel like jelly.

03 Dec 11 at 10 pm
tags: LeBron James  why 

LeBron is having golden grahams, cherries, and english muffins for dinner. Thanks facebook. 

19 Nov 11 at 1 pm
tags: i am dumb  why 

I left every single pair of jeans I own at school. I’m out for break. This is not good. Guess I’ll have to buy some new?

16 Nov 11 at 12 pm
tags: what  why 

why is everything on my dash censored??? i don’t understand!!!

I find it ridiculous that Michelle Duggar is pregnant again.

05 Nov 11 at 10 pm



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