1. iTunes visualizer
  2. sleeping in
  3. purple
  4. down comforters
  5. hot chocolate with pink marshmallows
  6. hip hop
  7. curly hair
  8. perfectly smooth legs
  9. sun
  10. Heath Ledger
19 Jun 11 at 12 am
tags: you  these  things  truth 
  • You have never needed a man to define your happiness. And when you meet the right one, he will understand this—and you will be happy. 
  • Your body is perfect. You have someone who loves you just the way you are, so stop obsessing. Don’t squelch your happiness with insecurities.
  • Don’t grow anxious about what you cannot control. Your life is not passing you by; it’s taking you with it. Life is desperate. It’s contagious. It’s sloppy. It’s miserable. It’s rapturous. It’s safe. It’s bliss. It’s disorganized. It’s mesmerizing. It’s loud. It’s utterly beautiful and indefinable, and you will be there for every wonderful, painful second of it.
  • You have something most people don’t find until they’re at the end of life. You’ve found it, while others don’t even know they are searching for it. Your strength is not your own, and that is a complete peace. 
  • The talent you have is hidden by your indecision to embrace it. There is so much light in you, but you shadow it in darkness. When you slip up and reveal a shimmer of the exquisite you and illuminate me for a brief moment, I am in awe. I see how capable you are of blinding the world.