Can I get a big DAYUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! from all of you because of how completely, ridiculously, utterly, wonderfully, magnificently soft my legs are?

I expected 0 notes on my Ravenclaw post haha ANOTHER reason to love everyone who loves Harry Potter. People are happy for me!!! I am proud to be a Ravenclaw. AND YES. THIS. IS. REAL. 

25 Dec 11 at 5 pm

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20 Dec 11 at 2 am
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Many females (and males for that matter) are under the impression that winter means they do not need to shave. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion about their person and what they do or do not do, here is mine: When I put on my skinny jeans or slide under my covers, it is physically uncomfortable for me to not be clean shaven. It is rare that I see see facial hair that I think is attractive. I just don’t like hairy legs and beards. Having alerted all of you to this (which you most likely either disagree with or just could care less about), MY LEGS ARE SOFTER THAN A BABY UNICORN (and likely just as rare given it’s winter). soft. smooth. wonderful. I am convinced there is not a better feeling in the world.

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02 Aug 11 at 12 am

The most wonderful thing I have on my tumblr.

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The most wonderful thing I have on my tumblr.